Studies show that socioeconomic status plays a tremendous role in determining the success of students in the classroom.  From early childhood education through post-secondary education, an individual’s socioeconomic status proves to be a greater determinant of academic achievement and development of life skills necessary for advancement than racial divides (Reardon, 2011).

This interactive blog provides facts, support, and other compelling content to help bridge the widening gap found between poverty and education achievement.



Anything posted under the STUDENTS category speaks to students’ needs and also should address the concerns of poverty and its effects on their lives respectfully and meaningfully.

Anything posted under the COMMUNITY category speaks to parents, foster parents, guardians, or other concerned community members, helping them understand the effects of poverty and providing information on resources or other connections to help students cope with issues and problems of the economically disadvantaged.

Anything posted under the EDUCATORS category speaks to teachers, administrators, and librarians. This includes topics that guide teachers to help students, help administrators create an environment of awareness, and connect librarians to information that helps them serve students’, the community, as well as teachers’ and administrators’ needs.

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