Community Gardening

One of our recommended books, Darnell Rock Reporting, brings up the idea of a community garden as a way to help the homeless in the community.  By providing a public space for communal food growth, those in poverty or those living on the street can contribute to a positive part of the community as well as grow their own food.

I had never heard of this before, but I quickly became a little obsessed with the idea.  The American Community Garden Association is a great resource for all-you-can-want info on current community gardens near you, best practices and products for you garden, and tips on starting a community garden in your area.


Author: alliboyer

I am a graduate student at San Jose State University working on my MLIS degree. I'm an avid knitter, crocheter, and all-around crafter. I enjoying hiking and generally being outdoors. My cat and I spend the rest of my free time bonding over jigsaw puzzles.

4 thoughts on “Community Gardening”

  1. I love this idea, and in fact used to toy with the idea of planting fruit trees and vegetable gardens in city parks and along city streets. Did you catch my post abour community action to combat the effects of poverty? Ron Finley used the parking in front of his house in LA to start a guerilla gardening campaign to combat food insecurity in his neighborhood. Here’s an article about it:
    Here are a couple other articles that you might find interesting on the same topic:


    1. I did read that post (I think I commented on it?). I swear, as soon as I found out community gardening was a thing it seemed to pop up everywhere in my life. I aslo found out one of the churches downtown where I live has a similar set up, where anyone can grow and harvest, but it is mostly cared for by the members of the church. I’ve read the New York Times article already, but I’ll be checking out those other links!


      1. There are libraries that have created community gardens too. Big cities have been big on roof top gardening, and of course anywhere the growing seasons are long you’ll find tons of community gardens. Yes, I’m really big on community gardens, and love it when I discover them just around the corner!


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