All kids deserve the best, wherever they grow up |

An inspiring article focusing on the grit and determination of school administrator Linda Cliatt-Wyman of North Philadelphia Strawberry Mansion High School, and how this fierce and loving principal turned her high school around.

‘”We have to make sure that every school that serves children in poverty is a real school — a school that provides them with knowledge and mental training to navigate the world around them,” Cliatt-Wayman concludes. “We must never forget that every single one of our students is just a child, often scared by what the world tells them they should be, and no matter what the rest of the world tells them they should be, we should always provide them with hope, our undivided attention, and unwavering belief in their potential, consistent expectations.”’

Source: All kids deserve the best, wherever they grow up |


Author: Jane Hoff

Middle School Librarian and Media Technician Guest Teacher, K - 12 BA, Sociocultural Anthropology, the University of Chicago, 1995 Graduate Student, Master of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University, CA

One thought on “All kids deserve the best, wherever they grow up |”

  1. I know about Strawberry Mansion…tough neighborhood. This was inspiring TED talk by Linda Cliatt-Wayman. I would only add that schools need to toughen discipline because no matter the race, any social class, parents are not disciplining their children. Accountability takes a backseat to excuses. Books and technology based projects are systems of cultural connectivity. Effective libraries build leaders through role assignment, such as discussion groups from a good realistic fiction book. A makerspace can foster teamwork skills and responsibility through a wide array of project ideas, in which personal responsibility is developed, thus providing the student with a sense of accomplishment.


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