The Effects of Family Poverty on Academic and Behavioral Outcomes


Poverty is a horrible thing to suffer through especially as a child, but what’s worse is its effects can last a lifetime.   According to article, by Hopson and Lee there are great deal of risk factors that are involved with living in poverty.  Some of the risks associated with being born to poverty are higher dropout rate, and lower standardized test scores.  These issues can be very detrimental to these students and cause them a lifetime of struggles

Several detrimental effects of poverty on students are that it causes a great deal of stress on the students which makes it hard for students to focus.  Also, many of these students do not feel safe due to the fact that many of these children live in low income areas where they are sometimes surrounded by violence.  Although, these factors can be overwhelming to students and can cause serious problems to their health and emotional well-being there are things that can be done to help these students.

Several remedies have proven to be beneficial to help improve the performance of students who live in poverty.  One of the remedies that has been shown to help students in poverty is providing a positive school environment both socially and academically. When teachers do this they help make their students feel safe and comfortable which is something that many of these student’s may experience as home for a variety of reasons.  Another tactic that can be employed to help these students is helping create social support systems in the school.  Many schools are currently employing this with social programs and counseling and these things are helping to support students academically but also emotionally.

According to this article, poverty has numerous negative effects on our students but it can be helped with social interventions, and providing a beneficial and positive climate for our students. If we can do this we can close the gap and give our students who are born into poverty a chance to have the same opportunities as their wealthier counterparts. If you as an educator deal with these issues I highly recommend this article to help you understand your students and how you can help them become more successful.

Hopson, L. M., & Lee, E. (2011). Mitigating the effect of family poverty on academic  and behavioral outcomes: The role of school climate in middle and high school. Children &Youth Services Review33(11), 2221-2229.    doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2011.07.006



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