Make Beliefs Comix

What could be a better product for assessment of than a comic strip?  Why not create your own?  Through direct observation, students are receptive to comic strips, consequently, equally receptive to reading graphic novels.  For example, a class learning about “genre” could create strips that illustrate a specific genre type (historical fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction), which could tell mini-stories.  The students could share with one another.  Two things are then accomplished:  shared learning, genre comprehension.  Struggling learners are connected with those who are accomplished.

Enjoy a tutorial on how to use the learning tool.



Author: Kyle Greenwood

Certified Library Media Specialist from Coatesville, PA B.A. Journ '01 Penn State University (GO STATE!) Teachers Certification (Library Science K-12) '07 Kutztown University MLIS '17 San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

4 thoughts on “Make Beliefs Comix”

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I love Make Beliefs Comix! I haven’t been able to get my students into exploring it just quite yet, but I’m thinking it would be a great alternative to writing a paper. Comic strips are especially liberating for those struggling with generating their own succinct ideas in writing. In fact, I’ve found that it is very similar to the flow of conversation, and tends to have the same illuminating properties for students trying to come up with what they really think about a certain topic. Great suggestion! Now if only we could inspire our teachers to get behind this!


  2. When I was shadowing a middle school classroom during my undergraduate studies the students created their own Greek myth comic strips. They didn’t use this program (I forgot which one they used) but they really loved it! They were in charge of creating the story, characters, background, appearances, etc., as long as they included 3-5 thematic elements that fit a Greek myth. This was a rowdier class, but they came in excited and ready to work on their comics every day.


    1. I used Make Beliefs Comix for a couple projects of my own. I’m hoping to encourage my teaching staff to encourage their struggling writers to use Make Beliefs Comix or BitStrips as a tool to encourage written communication. I find it interesting how just changing the format can really change the learning outcome for some students.


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