Effects of poverty on academic failure and delinquency in boys: a change and process model approach.



There are many problems that face educators today.  Some of these problems are lack of funding, and teachers, lack of support from administration and lack of support from home. Often times these issues can be overwhelming to teachers and they do not know how to handle them. That is why looking into research can be an informative process especially when you are dealing with issues that are as severe as poverty and its effects on students.

Poverty is an epidemic that causes numerous detrimental effects within our society. It especially  affects our students emotionally, academically, and socially.  According to the article by Pagani, poverty is the cause of numerous problem within our students.

In this study by Pagani, they research the effects of poverty and how it is directly  related to academics and delinquency in boys in school.  It details the prevalence of these problems within low income students and how it affects them.

This article is important because we as educators, should be informed of these issues because it helps us understand where some of our students are coming from and also how we can help our students overcome these disadvantages. It gives data, methodology, and possible solutions to deal with this problem.  We as educators are often at the forefront and face these problems firsthand in our classrooms, and if we understand where our students are coming from and why they may behave the way that they do  we can then better educate them and help them succeed.

Pagani, L., Boulerice, B., & Vitaro, F. (1999). Effects of poverty on academic failure and     delinquency in boys: a change and process model approach. Journal Of Child Psychology &     Psychiatry & Allied Disciplines, 40(8), 1209-1219.

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