Get a Scholarship as a Foster Child With These Awards

Of those living in foster care in the US, 42% are white, 24% are black, and 22% are Hispanic…. but 100% of those in foster care are under the age of 18.

For those in foster care, what happens after they reach the age of majority? or as they say in the social services sector, what happens once these foster children age-out of the system?

For many, college is not a possibility because they do not have family to support them.  For many, their standard of living declines drastically because they no longer have social services supporting them.

If you or someone you know is in the foster care system, take a look at this website – College  You’ll find several resources for grants and scholarships to help fund college education for foster kids. is a great resource for college bound students who need support.  Check out the other resources they offer low income students.


Source: Get a Scholarship as a Foster Child With These Awards


Author: Jane Hoff

Middle School Librarian and Media Technician Guest Teacher, K - 12 BA, Sociocultural Anthropology, the University of Chicago, 1995 Graduate Student, Master of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University, CA

One thought on “Get a Scholarship as a Foster Child With These Awards”

  1. This is a great resource for new and existing college students. My senior year in high school I spent multiple weekends searching for financial aid. There a lot of options for low-income students/families, in addition to a bunch of other categories. It’s a great resource.


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